Loyal Wye Lodge are pleased to announce the launch of our Lotto Bonus Ball competition, which will commence April 2020.

Entry to the competition is open to Loyal Wye members, family, friends and to members of other local lodges.

How it works –

The competition will be based on the bonus ball drawn during the second and forth Saturday’s National Lottery “Lotto” draw each month. The winner will be the holder of the bonus ball number drawn on those days. The winner will receive £50 prize money.

Cost of entry is £40 per year (one off payment by cheque, cash or bank transfer ref: 20-61-08 a/c 90977780

Ball/Number Allocation – Lotto balls will be drawn at random and allocated to those who have entered from one of the 59 balls used in the main lotto draw.

In the event not all of the 59 lotto ball numbers are allocated and a none allocated ball wins, then the prize money will roll over to the next draw.

Terms & Conditions –

  • All entries must be paid up in full before the competition commences on or before the 1st April each year, payment to be made direct via cash, cheque or bank transfer.
  • Minimum term of entry 12 months
  • Contact Tony Holt or Haydn Lewis

Winners :

Wk 1 Ernie Beaumont Wk 14 Barrie Probert

Wk 2 Ryan Holt Wk 15 Anna -Marie Percy

Wk 3 Paul Thomas Wk 16 Trevor Morgan

Wk 4 Jen Lewis Wk 17 Paul Thomas

Wk 5 Jill Rainne Wk 18 Vince Baker

Wk 6 Joan Adams Wk 19 Paul Jones

Wk 7 Terry Eckley Wk 20 Darran Thomas

Wk 8 John Whitelaw Wk 21 Terry McCann

Wk 9 Phil Adams

Wk 10 Joan Adams

Wk 11 Wendy Evans

Wk 12 Donna Holt

Wk 13 Jimmy Lloyd

Lotto Bonus Ball Competition

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