The last ‘ proper ‘ meeting held in Builth Wells by the Loyal Wye Lodge was on March 11th 2020. There is no need to go into the details of the effects of the pandemic as it is well known by everyone. Suffice to say that Masonry in general has come to a halt but the charitable side is stronger than ever. Brethren throughout the Province and indeed the UK have rallied round, helping others by way of home deliveries, acting as taxi services, or keeping in touch with those who are vulnerable. And this is everybody, young and old, Masons and non Masons.

We did have a small window of opportunity to meet in December, albeit a maximum number of 15, but that window was slammed shut on the 27th.

Below is one of our Brethren who has volunteered as a Steward at the Royal Wesh Showgound Vaccination Centre.

Next please

Well done sir, whoever you are, an amazing job. His identity has been verified as genuine Loyal Wye.

Covid 19

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