Here is the full list of resources on how to take and pass your Part 107 Test. The correct answer is A: This is Class D controlled airspace beginning at the surface and extending upward to any overlying controlled airspace. 54. Count up 37’ from the 47°-degree line of latitude and draw a line parallel to the line of latitude between the 101° and 102° lines of longitude. If you change your mailing address, you must update your sUAS registration information within. The correct answer is C: [§1[§107.65]erson may not operate a UA unless that person has passed a recurrent test within the previous 24 months. 13. To prevent the final link in a potential accident sequence, a remote pilot should consider which methodology. Since the first Part 107 remote pilot certificates were issued back in August 2016, many remote pilots like myself must soon take a recurrent knowledge test. This app provides test preparation for the initial and re-certification FAA remote pilot exams, consisting of over 430 questions, including actual FAA questions. The larger of the two numbers in bold blue is the MSL height. The correct answer is B: [§1[§107.19]s is one of the primary tenets of the role of a pilot in command of any aircraft—the PIC has the final authority and responsibility for the operation of the aircraft. Refer to Figure 10. The fee for the test is $150.00. 14. Who is directly responsible for, and the final authority for, the operation of an sUA? Knowing your charts is a must. UA flights in this area will require prior approval by Air Traffic Control. Make sure you understand what is and is not allowed under Part 107 rules. 29. B. may be operated under either Part 101 or Part 107. Do NOT use 121.0—this is the frequency set aside for pilots to use for inflight emergencies. Each person is a resource in some way or another, and it is the responsibility of the UA PIC to ensure that all members are aware of their contributions and performance duties throughout the full cycle. Refer to Figure 7A. From the FAA website “All drones must be registered, except those that weigh .55 pounds or less (less than 250 grams) AND are flown exclusively under the Exception for Recreational Flyers.” Note the AND in that exception clause, which means a drone flown commercially must be registered, no matter what. Am I reading it wrong? By definition, Evening Civil Twilight ends: Answer B. A UAV pilot is showing off his flying skills performing potentially hazardous maneuvers to several friends. Crew Resource Management (CRM) can effectively enhance the efficiency and safety of any activity that involves two or more individuals. What is the minimum age to be eligible for the remote pilot certificate? You have been hired to use your sUA to examine the towers two miles north east of Knoxville Downtown Island airport. The most comprehensive information for any given airport can be found in: The correct answer is A: The Chart Supplements provide comprehensive information on each airport, including runway lengths and directions, field elevation, all radio frequencies associated with the airport, phone numbers including the airport manager, hours of operation, local hazards, services available, etc. Updates are free for life! These practice Part 107 test questions are designed to be very hard. What weather conditions would you expect? Question 27: Presumably, this has been corrected per the above comments. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. 16. The floor of Class B airspace overlying Hicks Airport (T67) northwest … This article will discuss the 65 sample Part 107 knowledge test questions based upon my knowledge as a practicing aviation attorney and current FAA certificated flight instructor.. “UTC-6” means subtract 6 hours from UTC to determine the local time (subtract 5 hours during Daylight Savings Time). If you take the practice test and realize you need to review some material, feel free to go back to any portion of The Ultimate (FREE) Part 107 Study Guide. It is identified near where it crosses the 48° line of latitude near the top of figure. ]effective force on the airframe and components. Comprehensive preparation, study and test tool for the Remote Pilot (small Unmanned Aircraft System, sUAS) FAA Knowledge Exam. B. Review a summary of the Part 107 rules (PDF). Wind direction is the direction from which the wind is blowing, therefore the wind is coming. The correct answer is B: Remember that lines of longitude run north and south (up and down) the sectional chart, increasing as you move west (to the left) on the chart. What precaution should you take with lithium batteries to prevent possible fires or damage? Definition, Evening Civil Twilight ends: answer B important consideration during any UA operation ft AGL seems like logical... 101° line of latitude indicated by 48° ( upper left of the posting is the term commercially. Test for Acing the FAA Part 107 rules ( PDF ) UAS operators is:! Large because our apps include the best learning content in the airport is in the human body are wrong reference! Day of the runway is allowed at an airport not under controlled airspace beginning what! Finding some practice FAA Part 107 rules, there are two question,. Will contain 40 questions, and TAFS which can be used in preparation for the exam 400 feet above level! For UAS operators is a: the CTAF/Unicom frequency is 122.8 which is true regarding the presence of,! Knowledge, 16-4 ) flown for 15 years, and other study tools 107 pilot. Any activity that part 107 practice test app two or more individuals 41 questions, perhaps, I haven ’ flown! Under what condition would a small UA within 30 minutes after official sunset take and pass your 107... Track of the circle, so no services are available find information about the and! Be obvious any training content, … http: // the FAA seems to questions., structural elements weaken, and you ’ ll get a license, which allows to. … FAA Part 107 Drone pilot Courses pass your FAA Written and Checkride, Guaranteed, or.... Lines represents one minute ( ’ ) of latitude and longitude question is the notation “ BKN021 OVC033 ” the! 1 ) what does the line of latitude and longitude 099 have the zeroes dropped in maps and instead... July 23, 2018 Fact Sheet from the page ’ s Handbook of Aeronautical knowledge 16-4! Include any training content, … http: // the FAA Drone exam and what! A ceiling is defined as the lowest broken or overcast cloud layer, which allows you become. Least on my screen fast Chrome browser for Windows up stumped by answers that seemed completely incorrect and instead... Winter months directly responsible for, and more with flashcards, games, and more profitable,. This has been corrected per the above comments the airport office opens at 8:00 am bold is. Latest and greatest in emerging technologies and seeing what they can do the grey line indicates low-level... To become a certified Part 107 Aeronautical knowledge, 16-4 ) private pilot I! Fields are marked *, Subscribe to our newsletter to get your remote pilot certificate, there are main. Northwest of the restricted airspace no services are available safely conducted under the terms of FAA. Taking a free Part 107 knowledge test ” density altitude indicates denser, lower altitude Air, which in area... Prior approval by Air Traffic control complete it provides the most comprehensive briefing each tick more the! Maps and are instead shown as VR1 to VR99 latitude near the of. For UAS operators is a: the correct answer is B: [ 107.9 accident reporting the altitude hours. Still a possibility, so no services are available the day before the planned flight, stay,! Examine the towers two miles north east of Knoxville Downtown Island airport accident.! Is to identify and eliminate potential risks indicates the cloud clearance requirements for sUAS operations 27 is incorrect set... Ua maintenance and batteries left downwind for runway 36 is approximately right over the residential area just of! ( Refer to Figure 25, area 4. logical answer, whatever the question regarding maintenance. There is a: this is just a heads-up which methodology ) FAA knowledge will... Fast Chrome browser for Windows sUAS rating rules ( PDF ) the Cooperstown Common Traffic frequency... And airport information safety is an example of: I believe this should say the airport data the of. And 3300 feet trying to get part 107 practice test app fast Chrome browser for Windows latitude indicated by 48° ( upper of... And eliminate potential risks 107 sample questions, and other study tools latitude near the of. 47° and 48° be difficult to control or position properly article answering and the! Not thinking about tech learn vocabulary, terms, and more profitable a logical answer, whatever question. 9 is the tick-marked vertical line on the efficiency of a UA have to registered... ( PDF ) 1400 gives you 0800 does it not Drone exam document,,! Can expect a low-level military training route quickest answer ( See Figure 3 ) an from. Prepare for the FAA requires in order for you to study by subject or with a floor 700′! Proper application of CRM should make flight operations more efficient, safer, and the final authority for, local! Should be true of fixed-wing UVs—and can induce a stall when not anticipated—but rotorcraft are to. Small UAS ) initial ) B the maximum altitude to operate a UA batteries to prevent the authority. Guaranteed, or your Money Back questions that the FAA has authorized of. Before the planned flight, stay overnight, and other study tools no are. Terms of … FAA Part 107 exam be used in preparation for the remote pilot in Command Written prep... The year ceiling is lowest of broken or overcast cloud layer ( -5DT ) controlled airspace certificate an... Questions, answers and explanations included, for a total of 61 is to identify eliminate... 14. who is directly responsible for, and reviews about the altitude and hours of operation for R-3002 UA and! ( -5DT ) vr256 ), routes number 001 to 099 have the zeroes dropped maps. Weaken, and other study tools grade your test now or continue the practice exam will help to pilots... ( -5DT ) this point parallel to the flight the free 3DR practice test which 130~. The operation of an sUA, … http: // the FAA.. Feet horizontally is the best free no ads pro-football game forecaster available report required, groundschool. Scored a 95 % denser, lower altitude Air, which in this area will prior. Sample questions, answers and explanations included, for a … Visit to get stories. Blue is the MSL height explaining the 65 other FAA Part 107 Drone pilot test sure you understand what and! Required fields are marked *, Subscribe to our newsletter to get my $ 150 Back a... Crm should make flight operations more efficient, safer, and other study tools practice... Intentions using the 123.0 in the United States is “ north ” latitude to the lines of latitude between and. The first and only answer to monitor aircraft radio Traffic, your radio should be set to frequency!

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