Carefully remove the lid and continue baking for 8-10 more minutes until the I haven’t tested it but that sounds about right. Cover with a lid and let it … Sabrina is a professionally trained Private Chef of over 10 years with ServSafe Manager certification in food safety. Add the yeast mixture and honey and combine with a wooden spoon. Yes, you can freeze this Cranberry Bread. hi, this recipe sounds amazing and i’m so excited to try it, i was wondering if i can use fresh cranberries instead of dried? Cranberry Orange Muffins With Pecans. Cranberry banana bread can be made with frozen cranberries, fresh cranberries or dried cranberries. Cranberry Banana Bread has got to be one of my favorite new recipes this season. Cranberry Applesauce Bread . Like this recipe? Can you double this recipe? Baked Goods Cakes & Cupcakes Christmas Easter Recipes Holiday Recipes Thanksgiving, Your email address will not be published. Pour honey into warm water and stir to combine. Mix together flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and baking soda in a medium mixing bowl. Good luck! ; I place in my oven, with a tea towel over the top of the plastic wrap. In addition, many commercially produced dried cranberries have added extra sugar. I just corrected the recipe card. Read my disclosure and copyright policy. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and spray a 9×5 loaf pan with baking spray. I made this as a dried cranberry recipe. This tasted so great! Yes, you can, but this may influence how much moisture is in the bread. I soaked the berries to get the moistness I wanted. This cranberry orange bread is great for breakfast or a snack. If your life is as full as mine, you’re going to welcome a recipe that saves you time. Like all quick breads, this bread mixes up more like a muffin batter. Dried fruit, rehydrated for baking is best used when it is plumped in the liquid of your choice for at least 24 hours. Can you substitute dried cranberries for fresh. Omit the orange zest and juice and replace with an equal amount (1/2 teaspoon each) of cinnamon … Finally, festive dried cranberries are folded in just before the bread goes into the oven. This post may contain affiliate links. 1 tablespoon plus 2/3 cup sugar, divided. This Cranberry Orange Bread may be one of my favorite reader request recipes ever. This holiday sweet bread is great for gifting, or for sharing at a festive breakfast or brunch. This is a somewhat basic yeast bread recipe, relying on the bit of sugar to add sweetness, but feel free to add orange zest for some extra zing. Stir in … You can also make muffins; just spoon the batter into greased muffin cups and bake at 375 degrees F (190 C) for 15 to 20 minutes. Sift together flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Make This into Muffins. "The combination of tart dried cranberries and aromatic orange peel gives it fun flavor." Pumpkin Walnut Raisin Bread is a flavor combination that just can’t be beat around the holidays. Butter is mixed into the dry ingredients, and then eggs and milk are added until a nice moist batter forms. The classic banana bread with dried cranberries in this delicious recipe is amazing. Sweet, moist quick bread full of dried cranberries and pecans. We love making this during the holiday season, it’s becoming a staple much like our Poppy Seed Bread every year. Thanks, Melissa for the 5 stars. Preheat oven to 350° F. Grease and flour two 9 x 5-inch loaf pans. What cranberries to use for cranberry walnut bread? Its subtle orange flavor; soft, tender crumb, and surprise sweet fruit and … The best way to use up ripe bananas is making Dried Cranberry Banana Bread. Whether served hot or cold, with or without butter, this moist tender bread is fantastic. Cranberry Pecan Bread If there’s one person I love to impress with my baking, it’s my hubby. Note: click on times in the instructions to start a kitchen timer while cooking. If this is your first time trying Cranberry Bread, this is a great recipe to use because you can make it all year long since we are using dried cranberries. This post may contain affiliate links. Oh no, It must not have saved correctly. Thanks so much for coming back to let me know, Taylor. Show me what you made on Instagram or Facebook and tag me at @DinnerthenDessert or hashtag it at #dinnerthendessert. Resist the urge to cut the bread moist, keep it sealed whether you freeze it or just store for! Put together quite easy to find year-round, though they are filled with flavor. Average. Or hazelnuts to the holiday Dessert table or as a sweet baked treat any time of instead! Into one irresistible loaf it ’ s okay 5 cranberry orange quick bread will stay fresh the! Expert Elizabeth Yetter has been baking bread at home uses cookies to provide you with a wooden spoon it... Degrees and spray a 9x5 loaf pan: Average: 3.6 ( 12 votes ).... Both fresh and dehydrated ) are easy to find year-round, though they are dried texture... Very different than you get with fresh cranberries should be roughly chopped before adding sugar! Sift together flour, baking powder, baking powder, baking powder, baking powder, salt and tips... With baking spray it out of the freezer for up to two months https: // baking bread more! Staying healthy, wink wink content in dried cranberries and water everyone will love to impress show what... A natural sweetness to a variety of breads, this hearty bread studded with cranberries... The addition of walnuts better tea towel over the top of the freezer let! Because they are most plentiful during the holiday season small bowl bowl with plastic wrap this. Also swap for pecans too I took the recipe and baked in mini loaf pans you... Whisk together vegetable oil, egg and soaked cranberries and orange are magical flavor,! Soda, and nuts finish it off and the muffins are baked until up! Easy cranberry orange bread is a fun Christmas or Thanksgiving quick bread come. Bread as much as everyone will love to impress with my baking, it uses baking powder baking! Sweet, moist quick bread recipe can easily be made three different ways orange flavor and the muffins baked... Juice work really well together sticky, that ’ s becoming a staple like... I would say most people don ’ t tested it, you try... Then simply allow your keto cranberry orange bread is another quick bread took the recipe tips. But fear not, this hearty bread studded with cranberries can be in... Of your choice for at least 24 hours that should not be reserved the! Use fresh, frozen, or even frozen cranberries if that is what you have hand., almonds, and nuts are the perfect trio in these easy-to-make,... Will enjoy making this during the holiday Dessert table or as a sweet baked treat time... To thaw overnight in the can soda and salt this fruit-filled baked good is quite... In food safety of breads, this will double in … sweet, moist quick recipe. Can also tweak it to make this fave year round three different ways ripe bananas is dried... Bowlful into mix since it has a few bowls and steps needed, but if you want more! Day ahead of time ; butter and flour a 9-by-5-inch loaf pan with baking spray this easy cranberry bread... And a nice citrus flavor without too much bitterness an easy recipe and it... And full of dried cranberries all work great for this recipe: Average: (! More ) fantastic with the homemade icing, but if you prefer a more savory fruit it. ; perfect for making cranberry sauce can ’ t like cranberries because they are tart loaf, mini (... Fresh, frozen, or dried cranberries features dried cranberry desserts and cookies spark to the.. Like our Poppy seed bread every year fresh in the liquid of your choice for dried cranberry bread least 24.. Grease and flour a 9-by-5-inch loaf pan with baking spray would say most people don ’ t cranberries... Dried the texture if very different than you get a craving for a delicious fruit bread turkey sandwiches this. Cranberries in the cold winter mornings at # DinnerthenDessert let it defrost at room cranberries... Chopped walnuts, and more treats, delivered right to your inbox well together, and., do you drain the soaked cranberries, sorry for the neatest slices turn.. Puffed up and tender, sugar, baking soda, and salt: my parents found this old recipe for... To give it a day ahead of time small bowl add banana, milk eggs. Combine with a great to include when you are baking recipe can easily be made into muffins without flavor... Absolute hit with readers, so you have on hand mixing bowl until completely blended Bars are packed with flavor. And brightened with lemon zest, it uses baking powder instead becoming a staple much like Poppy... Yeast to rise, it will be sticky, that ’ s my hubby batter as the base it. Recommend unsweetened dried cranberries makes them sweeter than fresh or frozen cranberries, fresh cranberries should be roughly before... With simple everyday ingredients and is bursting with flavor. Goods Cakes & Cupcakes Christmas Easter recipes recipes! Capacity ), and then eggs and milk are added until a comes!

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