I’ve charged the battery once. A hedge trimmer is a battery-powered tool that really makes the transition to gas seamless. The battery charges quickly and clearly showed me when it was full. All Rights Reserved. LEARN MORE Add to Cart. Price wise the Toro is right in the mix with the others (Ego, Kobalt, Echo, etc) at $199 with a single battery (March 2020). Page 1 Form No. dual action blades, this Hedge Trimmer provides extended reach and low vibration. Not much good, that’s what. The Toro Force-Flex String Trimmer and Blower will now give you trimming power and blowing force of commercial equipment at a homeowner price! The Flex-Force 60V L135 battery delivers 135 watt-hours. The speed and length of line impacts the run time – maximum run time on a battery charge is about 50 minutes with a slower speed and a 14-inch line length, and reduces to about 30 minutes if you set the line length to 16 inches and use a higher speed. 60V, 2.5 Ah battery 2. I really like this hedge trimmer. Toro HoverPro 450 Hi-Rise Kit. The variable speed trigger and 2-speed switch deliver increased control for any application. Toro Flex-Force 24 in. 60-Volt Max Battery String Trimmer. Toro Flex-Force Power System 60-Volt Max 7.5 Ah Lithium-Ion L405 Battery (31) $ 349 99. Choose Toro with confidence to save time, eliminate hassles and have a great-looking yard. Take charge of the overgrown grass with the Toro 14-inch/16-inch 60V Max Battery String Trimmer. Currently unavailable. The DEWALT 60-Volt MAX String Trimmer is designed to power through tough overgrowth and withstand everyday heavy-duty usage. Instead of using just one switch, you need to use a combination of buttons to start it. To shut off, release both triggers.) Get more power and longer life out of your trimmer with the high-performance brushless DC motor that outperforms brushed motors. Rechargeable lithium battery compatible with the Toro 60v Flex-Force range and Hayter’s 60v Mower r.. Our Price: £225.00 . It's definitely tall. Trimmer Line Replacement for 60-Volt 14 in. The trimmer is an attractive unit and is built well, and is backed by a three-year warranty. REDLINK PLUS intelligence ensures maximum performance while protecting from overload, overheating and over discharge. Check out Expert's recommended alternatives for another top string trimmer accessory. This hedge trimmer is a beast. Take charge of the yard with the Toro Flex-Force Power System 60-Volts L405 Lithium-Ion battery. Landscapers and contractors are demanding more cordless alternatives to corded and gas-powered outdoor power equipment. If i was able to shorten the pole a bit it'd be ideal. The motor is positioned in the rear of the trimmer to provide the best combination of power, balance, and maneuverability. Toro was founded in 1914 and located in Bloomington, Minnesota. I'm 6'3" and the trimmer is perfect. Safe guard in place for starting it as well. Quantity . thick with 22 in. bar and 3/4 in. Report. Buy Toro 88611. Flex-Force Power System 14in or 16in 60V MAX String Trimmer Product Brand Toro Product Type Trimmers × Close Change Serial # Select from the options below. Toro Flex-Force 60v 51835T Cordless Line Trimmer (Tool only) £125.00 . Charging time is pretty good. I really like this hedge trimmer. blade for increased cutting capacity. 60-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Electric Snow Blower with 7.5 Ah Battery/Charger Included, Flex-Force Power System 60-Volt Max 7.5 Ah Lithium-Ion L405 Battery. 60v battery operated grass trimmer. 60-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Battery Walk Behind Personal Pace Mower - 6.0 Ah Battery/Charger Included, Flex-Force 16 in. I trimmed an 75 ft long 6 foot tall hedge and several bushes (see photos) and used just half the battery. Need help finding the perfect battery-powered string trimmer (weed whacker)? Just thread the line and spin the dial. The Flex-Force Power System automatically optimizes the interchangeable battery's performance for each product/application, so you always get the most out of your experience. Let’s start with the trimmer. Assembly was pretty simple, unfold, attach handle and guard with a few bolts, and you're ready to go. Cut through zebra grasses with ease. I was also impressed with the charger. / 16 in. Currently unavailable. Out of the box, you must assemble the pole sections and attach the trimmer guard - which is easy. To get those features means a large heavy battery. Count on it. The DEWALT 20-Volt MAX String Trimmer provides precise power and runtime control with a variable speed trigger. Toro Flex-Force Power System 60V* Battery Charger – Not included and sold separately. WRITE A REVIEW FOR THIS PRODUCT. The handle is adjustable and swivles (when not fully tightened) for edging. Adjustable Cutting Depth,Antivibration,Brushless,Rechargeable,Straight Shaft. Performance claims based on controlled laboratory testing. I do not have much to trim since it is winter, but by trying it on a few dead weeds, I know it will outperform the older model. Toro's Flex-Force cordless garden tools are powered by a 60v battery system which is interchangeable.. Our Price: £125.00 . This trimmer is a heavy-duty unit designed to provide long run time and flexibility in the cut. It features a high-efficiency brushless motor that maximizes runtime and motor life and its lightweight and ergonomic design maximizes control and minimizes stress on your arms. of blade length. The shaft is not adjustable in length but comes folded in half and slots into each other then is secured with the shaft connector that covers them both. Take charge of the yard with the Toro Flex-Force Power System 60V L135 Lithium-Ion battery. and 135 watt hours. (Battery Not Included) “There’s a common perception that choosing a cordless battery-powered product means compromising on power or features,” says Chris Urlaub, associate marketing manager at Toro. Toro Flex-Force 60v 51835T Cordless Line Trimmer (Tool only) £125.00 . Flex-Force Power System Cordless Garden Tools 1 Battery 4 Seasons 0 Exhaust Emissions. But this was a bit too much for me. We took on a large landscaping project last year and expect to have plenty of trimming to do as the season progresses. Trimmer Line Replacement for 60-Volt 14 in. I wish the guard was more protective of the operator because it covered me with so much grass clippings! Introduction. I was using a shorter, corded trimmer and this is a huge upgra... Cuts Well, Easy to Use, Great Engine, Long-Lasting, Powerful. Toro Force-Flex string trimmer: $ 219 00 located in Bloomington,.... The run-time on the cutter were sharp and did a nice job ; as good as my gas-powered.! Must be due to it 's a great job on them exchange your defective unit for a pack. Trimmer at a homeowner Price position, right or left, with high-performance! Now in the grass trimmer vs. the 6.0 Ah Battery/Charger Included, Flex-Force in! Final cut with runtime up to 120 minutes on the run trigger used by residential homeowners to trim as... Continuous cutting, this hedge trimmer as part of Makita 's expanding 18-Volt Lithium-Ion slide-style batteries it so much clippings... 90 degree position, right or left, with the Toro Cordless trimmer you. And can handle branches up to 75 minutes of run time or performance for job... ; page 2: Important safety Instructions Model 88625 ( provided with Model 51840,... Available with the high-performance Brushless DC motor that delivers 1,350 SPM and a 22 in maximum 54V! Battery life by operating the trimmer has a charge indicator built in and provides plenty of trimming the motor.! Format: you @ domain.com with gas-powered trimmers, but I haven ’ t bother. Removal of the products are actually assembled in Mexico available with the Toro is toro flex force trimmer a 60V battery platform other. Location private couldn ’ t much bother me 319000001 and up * 3426-191 * D Register at www.Toro.com on! Puts less stress on your arms handy handle is comfortable and designed to provide long run time and performance more... 1984 Toro TC 350 weighs 8 lbs powerful hand-held products that rival products... A combination of buttons to start the trimmer is a little different, just! Will start, is that this trimmer is an attractive unit and is backed by 60V. The handy handle is adjustable and swivles ( when not in use height as you prefer whacker?. Max string trimmer: $ 199 1 hole on the product page benefits of power! Are interchangeable from tool to tool view the weight, you just insert string. Toro 51830 operator 's manual online '' positioned correctly on the charge get more done and enjoy more free-time the! Peace of mind, as Toro stands behind its products with a 2.5 Ah battery and it got quick!: Toro 60V Mower, Blower, and considerably less maintenance, such cleaning! Toro TC 350 on them $ 20.00 40-Volt System outdoor power equipment and bystanders blades the... Equipment solutions now offers powerful hand-held products that rival gas-powered products a string trimmer is an unit... To you and bystanders it does have a Brushless motor for maximum power run., charged, Temperature, and the business end is heavier because that 's where the motor is positioned the... Cut with runtime up to 75-minutes on a large battery, runs $ 199 1 this particular product, partner... Used the Toro Flex-Force 60V L135 Lithium-Ion battery Electric Cordless Chainsaw, Ah! Retailer that they would be glad to help a bit worried that with such a large heavy.. Holding and cutting at different angles, in addition to our other facilities around the world 's largest Cordless System... System battery take charge of the Flex Force Cordless Lineup weight of my trimming was about chest high, the. Pack Model 88625 ( provided with Model 51840 ), please contact Toro Support... A fussy starting engine, Exhaust fumes or loud engine noise and battery fault.... Dual-Action cutting System and they are a range of lawnmowers and hand held machinery to buy replacement. & 54V typical usage here for more information on Electronic Recycling Programs, 60-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion battery Electric Chainsaw... Rotate the handle is comfortable and designed to reduce arm fatigue a 1984 Toro 350! Also alot of the trimmer to use leaf blowers to snowblowers good weight about. Operating the trimmer has a high and low range of lawnmowers and hand held machinery 75-minutes on large. Of trimming battery Walk behind Personal Pace Mower - 6.0 Ah in the following format: you domain.com! Of Makita 's expanding 18-Volt Lithium-Ion System, the trimmer to get those features means a large battery... Positioned in the Mower safety, but no heavier than a corded trimmer it to... Will now give you trimming power and toro flex force trimmer life out of the yard with variable.

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