During the Second World War the entire BromsgroveSchool was temporarily moved to Llanwrtyd Wells as the School buildings were requisitioned by British Government departments for the War effort. Many former pupils and members of staff were killed during the War and their names are commemorated at the War memorial of the town. In 2007, the school was granted the Freedom of Llanwrtyd Wells. During their time spent at Llanwrtyd the Brethren of Old Bromsgrovian Lodge approached Loyal Wye and ask if they might have the use of the premises and Temple in Market Street. This was readily agreed and from that moment on a link was formed between the 2 Lodges. In the 50’s and 60’s mutual visits to each others Lodges were enthusiastically pursued but by the 90’s the momentum had diminished. Colin Bradley took it upon himself to revive what he considered to be an important part what Freemasonry was all about,and the Fraternal Visits have now resumed on an annual basis. On Friday 25th.October, 5 Brethren from Loyal Wye attended a Meeting of The Old Bromsgrovians where they were made most welcome and had a most enjoyable evening of fraternal friendship. Pictured are Ernie Beaumont, Rob Evans, Colin Bradley, Tim Tudge and our WM Graham Jackson with Senior Old Bromsgrovians.

Well worth the journey !
Old Bromsgrovian Lodge 5743

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