What is Masonic Charity ?

Masonic Charity is organised charitable support within Freemasonry – caring and spending time and not just money – freely and confidentially given by every able Brother in aid of the sick, aged and needy.

How do Masons give to charity?

Every Mason is encouraged to give generously within his means and without detriment to himself or his family, through alms collections, gift aid etc. Unlike many other organisations, Freemasons never ask the general public for money; do not make street collections or public appeals.

At each Masonic meeting there is normally a collection. This will be given in accordance with the directions of, and by prior announcement by the Master (WM). This may be for the benefit of and shared between several chosen charities or worthy causes, may be for a Festival Appeal, an Almoners Fund or a Lodge Benevolent Fund. There may also be a raffle at the dinner following or in some cases prior to the meeting, the beneficiary being announced beforehand. The Lodge Charity Steward may also organise a collection or other special fundraising activity for a Festival or other authorised purpose. There are planned giving schemes available to the individual Mason, which the Lodge Charity Steward will be pleased to explain.

To what charitable causes do Masons give?

Many deserving causes, both Masonic and non-Masonic. In 2016 four Masonic Charities were amalgamated into one umbrella charity at national level, the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF). This charity comes under the auspices of The Grand Lodge of England.

At our Regular Meeting in September, the Charity Steward informed the Brethren that a cheque for £1,200.00 will be forwarded to Provincial Grand Lodge in aid of the 2021 Festival.

At the Loyal Wye Installation Meeting on October 9th. 2019 the Lodge was presented with the Bronze Award by W.Bro. Stephen Harries Asst.PGM on behalf of the Provincial Grand Master R.W.Bro. Gareth Jones OBE This award acknowledges the achievement of the Brethren by raising £20,500 towards the South Wales 2021 Festival, working out at an average donation of £500.00 per Member, not payable all at once, but over a given time, without detriment to personal circumstances. Thanks must go to Colin Bradley and his successor Richard Thomas for their determined encouragement.

At the Meeting in November our Charity Steward reported the donation of £100.00 to the Provincial Samaritan Fund plus details of national grants.


The Brethren of Loyal Wye were as one in their agreement to donate £500.00 to The Builth Wells Community Support Group. This worthy local Charity continues to provide help and assistance to all those who need it throughout the area. They no longer have income from their charity shop, as it has been forced to close during the lockdown, so are grateful for any recognition.

In January 2021 the Lodge donated £250.00 to Wyeside Arts Centre in Builth Wells. This was match funded by the Masonic Charitable Foundation part of the Charity entirely funded by Freemasons, who have committed £3.6 million pounds in response to the Covid epidemic to fund hundreds of local projects and charities.